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Top 3 questions new Seco employees ask…

Supported living can cover a wide variety of roles. From personal care, to domiciliary. From working in a single placement, to driving around to multiple homes throughout your shift.

At Seco Support we want to be clear from the very beginning exactly what type of care we offer. And what is expected from our teams. Read the blog to discover the type of work you will be doing as a Seco employee.

1) Are based in 1 place of work or do we cover multiple addresses on 1 shift?

At Seco Support we offer care to a person living in their own home, in the community. That means your place of work will be the person you support’s home, for the whole of your shift. Of course there will be errands and day trips out. But you won’t be expected to move from house to house. And you will be part of a team that has been recruited specially for that person.

2) Do we look after lots of different people or just 1?

When applying for a job with us, you would have applied for a role supporting someone specific, based on a match of interests. Therefore you will only ever be expected to work with that person. Of course there may be opportunities for you to work in other services as shift cover in emergencies, but your primary work will be supporting the person you applied for.

3) Is there personal care involved?

At Seco we have people we support that need no personal care at all, and people who do need some level of personal care. This will be made very clear in the job description so you are well prepared before you start your new role. However if you are unsure if you will need to carry out personal care then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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