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Staff Engagement Survey results

Over the last few months, the quality and compliance team at Seco have conducted a staff engagement survey, with some great feedback received.

Anonymous surveys were handed out to members of staff working in Seco Support services across the UK. We were pleased to see an almost 60% participation result in the feedback questionnaires.

Results of engagement survey

One of the most important questions in any staff survey is ‘Do you enjoy your job?’. We were thrilled that over 92% answered with a resounding yes (either selecting strongly agree or agree).

We were also pleased to see that 95% agreed or strongly agreed that the teams positively contribute to the life of the person being supported.

The majority of staff also felt valued by the organisation, with 79% agreeing or strongly agreeing.

Employee Feedback

As with any staff survey, despite the majority of feedback being extremely positive, issues have been highlighted that need attention. With this essential and constructive feedback, changes can be made to make sure everyone is enjoying their job and feeling valued in the workplace.

Implementing Changes

The weeks following the results saw several senior leadership meetings occur. The aim of these meetings was to tackle any issues raised in the surveys and come up with solutions. We are pleased to announce that a number of niggles within the services have been dealt with, along with money allocated to spend on team bonding activities, to further strengthen team bonds and reward the hard-working staff.

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