Service design

All of our services are bespoke and designed specifically for the person.
We start by creating a service design with the person (and anyone else they wish to involve) before they are supported by us. This takes place after the contract has been awarded.

We look at the key aspects of the service and make sure we get a detailed picture of the person’s perfect service. Once we have this and everyone is in agreement, we begin the process of creating it.

Your support team

We do not have spare support workers lying around! The people who support you will be your support team and chosen by you. These may be current Support Workers you are bringing over with you or we may need to support you to find new Support Workers through an interview process which you can be involved with!

Who is important to you?

It is important for us to know who is important to you. We want to support you to manage and maintain these relationships.

How can we best support you?

It is important that we meet your needs but also your expectations of the company. We want to be able to support you in the way that you wish to be supported.

Bespoke training

We provide training to your support team prior to them supporting you. Some of this is mandatory training, but some of it is bespoke training designed around you. In our training days we encourage you and anyone who knows you to take part in the training.

Risk management

Our clinical team support the creation, development and maintenance of risk management plans and strategies. These plans are created for people who present with risk behaviours or have offended or are at risk of offending. We are not risk averse and believe in taking positive risk which can support the person to learn, understand and develop appropriate risk management strategies to manage their own risk.

Your dreams and aspirations

We are here to support you to live the life you want to lead. Whilst it is important to support you to achieve your short-term goals, we also want to support you to achieve the long-term goals i.e. going to college, going on holiday, making new friends etc.

Using technology to guide support

We are a great believer in the use of technology to assist (not replace) support. We use technology to make everyone’s life easier and to ensure the best possible type of support is being offered to you. We aren’t afraid to try new technologies with you. As long as the technology benefits you and the way you are supported, we are always happy to give it a try!

Where you want to live

We do not have existing properties or spare bedrooms waiting for you. We choose a property with you which you want to live in and a property which can meet your needs. If we find a great property, but it needs adapting, we can work with the property developers and housing associations to achieve this.