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Results of Engagement Survey

This summer we conducted our first ever engagement survey. The purpose of the survey was to evaluate the effectiveness of the services we provide. Surveys were sent out to:

-people we support

-their family

-staff working in those services.

People we support & their family feedback:

Overall the feedback was very positive. The people we support included comments such as,


The parents of the people we support also gave encouraging feedback, such as

As with any service, we welcomed feedback both positive and negative. We have taken on board any comments from parents regarding improvements, and have tried our best to accommodate their suggestions.

Employee feedback:

Once again we were impressed with the completed surveys. 100% of staff in the Midlands area enjoy their job and feel valued. The Midlands team also 100% agreed that the team is making a positive contribution to the life the person they support has chosen.

The North East area has 94% job satisfaction, and 83% believing that they positively contribute to the life the person has chosen.

You spoke, we’ve listened

As with any evaluation, there is always room for improvements. Any comments were taken on board and where possible, measures implemented.

It was noted that easier access to the community would make a big difference to the person being supported. That person now has a car, which means they can access more activities.

A concern was raised of the team feeling disjointed. Money has now been allocated so staff can participate in a team building event.

Employee welfare is very important, which is why we have an employee assistance scheme, as well as a direct contact at Head Office for anyone wishing to reach out. We shortly will be launching our new Employee Perk scheme, so keep an eye on the website.

Engagement surveys are important for the company to listen, engage and implement. We look forward to seeing the results of the following survey next Spring.

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