Our model is designed to meet the persons needs.

We don’t subscribe to a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our model allows us to design services specifically for the person which is underpinned by a relationship guided approach.

Person driven

We are not a service led company. Our decision making is not driven by the needs of the company.

Each service is designed specifically for the person. Our decisions and way of supporting is 100% led by what is right for the person. It is vital that the person being supported is in the centre of every decision made.

Due to Carerealm, we are able to clearly evidence our person-centred approach and ensure that all documentation relating to the person is focused on achieving positive outcomes for the person.

We have clear, easy to read policies and tools for the people we support to use should the person wish to make a complaint, pay a compliment or discuss their package of support.

Safe and bespoke home

We do not have existing properties where people move into bedrooms or with people they don’t want to live with, instead, we will work with trusted Housing Associations and Local Authorities to source appropriate housing to ensure we are meeting the person needs.

Everyone we support has the right to;

  • Choose where they want to live
  • Choose who they want to live with (if anyone at all)
  • Choose their own home and how it looks

It is so important to have a property where the person feels safe and an environment which is made to specifically meet the persons needs.

Integration of technology

We believe that technology can be used to support people to gain independence and support empowerment.

We will happily explore new and innovative technology which could benefit the supported person.

Wherever possible, the company is paperless. Each service has a laptop which has access to cloud-based platforms to help manage the service, this includes platforms which help keep daily notes, view and amend risk assessments and support plans (Called Carerealm) and a platform called Rotacloud which manages the rota online.

Our aim is it to keep someone’s home, a home and not “another office”. By being paperless, we are able to keep everything a Support Worker needs, all inside a laptop.


Education is paramount to the success of each service; this is for both employees and the people we support.

All of our Support Workers receive specific training to meet the needs of the person they are supporting. We ensure the training is specific and beneficial and not just a ‘tick box’ exercise. Refresher training and new training will be offered regularly throughout the employee’s time at the company.

The role of a Support Worker is also to teach, this is a huge part of the culture and ethos of the company. The teaching will be specific to the supported person in order to promote independent living skills, promote empowerment and develop any areas the supported person experiences difficulties with.

Relationship guided

We believe the greatest reason for change in a person is when the person is able to engage in valued and meaningful relationships.

The people we support are part of one of the most marginalised and segregated groups in society. They have often experienced negative and abusive relationships.

Our job is to reverse this and to support the person to have meaningful relationships in his or her life.

How do we do this?

Firstly, we recognise that trust will often be an issue, particularly when we first start to support someone. To manage this, we create a support team specifically for the person using a matching tool. The matching tool ensures there is compatibility between the Support Worker and supported person.

The supported person (or a representative) will be involved in the recruitment process and have the final say in who is employed.

The support team will be specifically for the person. A significant part of their role will be to build a trusting and meaningful relationship with the person they are supporting. By doing this, the supported person will start to feel much more secure and will be learning how to establish and maintain a relationship. They will also be developing emotions such as empathy (this is particularly useful when working with people who have limited empathy).

Once the person has developed these skills with the support team, the support team will support the person to meet other people and develop new (non-paid) relationships.

The barometer for success for us is if the supported person has meaningful relationships in his or her life.

Innovation and imagination

We believe to create a truly bespoke service; you need to be innovative and imaginative. We sometimes need to throw away the textbooks and create a new way of working.

No two services are the same, each one is unique and different in its own right.

We will use a combination of experience and technology to achieve solutions to issues which allows us to support people in the best, most person centred way possible.