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Considering a job in supported living? Your top 5 questions answered.

At a crossroads in your career?

Unsure which path to follow?

Think supported living isn’t for you?

Read the blog to discover why a role in supported living could be just the job you were waiting for.

1. What is supported living?

It is a term that is used a lot, but what exactly is it? 

Supported living simply means a person receives support to help lead the life they want. 

It can be help with everyday tasks such as shopping, housework, cooking, and paying bills. 

It empowers people to remain in their homes and retain their independence.

For a more in-depth look see our blog post What does supported living actually mean?

2. Why choose a career in supported living?

There is no other role where you make a difference more. The simple act of caring is heroic.

It can be challenging at times, but seeing the difference you are making in the life of the person you support is incredibly rewarding. See this post for more reasons to work in supported living.

3. What does the role entail?

Supporting the person to live the life they choose to live.

That could involve a day out on the bus, a trip to Mcdonalds’ for milkshakes, a night at the local bingo hall, or just watching their favourite series on Netflix.

No two days are ever the same.

And with support work there is a chance for career growth too. As well as invaluable on the job experience, there are numerous courses and qualifications available to help you move up the career ladder.

4. What qualifications are needed?

Many supported living providers require experience in the sector or an equivalent qualification.

However Seco looks more at the person than the qualifications they have already obtained. Are you a good fit for the person? Do you share our values? Are you a team player?

Full training is always given before starting any role in supported living.

5. How to find a job?

If a career in supported living appeals to you then check out our latest vacancies on the recruitment page.

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