Supported Living For Commissioners

Supported Living designed around the individual

Our mission is to provide 24/7 complex services to people with learning disabilities and/or autism who can present with behaviours of concern.
We can work with you whether we are on your framework or not. We have experience of different types of funding streams, including but not limited to personal budgets and direct payments. All that we need to ensure is that our model fits the person needing support.

Our support is bespoke designed to each individual's needs and wants

We don’t subscribe to a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our model allows us to design services specifically for the person which is underpinned by a relationship guided approach.

Be confident referring to Seco Support

All of our services are bespoke and designed specifically for the person.

We start by creating a service design with the person (and anyone else they wish to involve) before they are supported by us. This takes place after the contract has been awarded.

We look at the key aspects of the service and make sure we get a detailed picture of the person’s perfect service. Once we have this and everyone is in agreement, we begin the process of creating it.


SECO Support LTD offer a bespoke and tailored support offer that is truly person centred. The support is modelled on the positives and the art of the possible in every case. It is a pleasure to work with a provider that is clear on supporting people to live a great life and to be part of their community.
Elaine Turner, Adult Community Commissioner, Swindon

Our Commitments to Commissioners

Referring to Seco Support

Our pathway for commissioners when you contact us

Step 1
Make a referral
Make a referral in writing to Seco Support, via our referral form
Step 1
Step 2
We review
We will review the referral and request further information if required
Step 2
Step 3
Assessment decided upon
If the service for the person meets the organisational criteria, an assessment with the person will take place
Step 3
Step 4
Assessment written
If we feel our model would be beneficial for the person, we will write an assessment with costings and send to the commissioning authority
Step 4
Step 5
Transition plan
If the assessment and costings are agreed, a transition plan will be created and shared with the relevant stakeholders
Step 5
Step 6
Transition length and costings
The estimated transition length and costings of the transition will be included in the persons assessment
Step 6
Step 7
Service design created
Within the transition, the service design will be created and implemented. This will include recruiting a new support team and establishing a suitable property
Step 7
Step 8
Regular meetings
Regular meetings will take place during the transition period, keeping everyone up to date of the process
Step 8
Step 9
Service begins
The transition ends and the full-time service begins
Step 9

Frequently Asked Questions

Seco believes in a personalised, humanistic approach, with our model allowing us to design services specifically for the person which are underpinned by a relationship-guided approach. There is no ‘one size fits all’ design to our services. People we support are individuals, and as such are treated that way. 

Seco Support takes a person-centred approach, meaning that we put the person being supported at the centre of all support planning and decision-making. This approach ensures that everyone’s unique needs, preferences and goals are considered when designing the support plan.

Seco Support have over 100 years of experience in the health and social care sector across the Senior Management team. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff, their person-centred approach to care, and our collaborative approach with other health care professionals means Seco is considered a highly experienced complex support provider for people with learning disabilities, autism and behaviours that challenge.

We recognize the importance of loved ones of the person being supported and the person self, and therefore take a collaborative approach, involving all parties in the support planning process to ensure it reflects the person being supported’s needs, wants and goals. Regular communication keeps the family and loved ones up-to-date, as well as scheduling frequent meetings and obtaining feedback from questionnaires.

Seco Support’s proactive and personalised approach to care, combined with their experience and well-trained staff, helps to ensure the person we are supporting remains safe and secure at all times. Such measures include: comprehensive risk assessments to identify any potential hazards or risks; providing the support team with ongoing training and support to ensure they are equipped to handle any safety concerns; utilizing technology such as CareRealm to mitigate risks and ensure prompt responses in emergencies, and; regularly reviewing and updating support plans to ensure they remain relevant and effective in keeping the person being supported safe.  

Seco Support aims to empower the person being supported to live as independently as possible while providing the necessary support and assistance to enable them to do so. We encourage the person to make their own choices, take control of their lives and achieve their goals, by making their goals our own. 

If you or a loved one have a diagnosis of a learning disability, autism or display behaviours that challenge and require 24 hours support, then you could be eligible to be supported by Seco Support.

ou can send a referral to us using the form on the website, or ring us on 01752 393438.