About Seco Support

We support people to live happier lives

The person is at the heart of everything we do. We want the person to have ownership and to be involved in their service design. Everything we do is designed to meet the person’s wants and needs.

We live in a world where people are expected to fit in to a box. Instead, our approach is to create services around the person.

Everything we do is designed to meet a person's needs and wants

There is no one-size fits all model at Seco Support. Our model for your support has been developed so it’s designed specifically around your needs, not ours, not your support worker nor anyone else.

Our Service Model

Our Service Model is built upon four main principles, each one created to support people to live in their own homes within their own communities.

The people we support are part of one of the most marginalised and segregated groups in society. They have often experienced negative and abusive relationships.

Our job is to reverse this and to support the person to have meaningful relationships in his or her life.

How do we do this?

Firstly, we recognise that trust will often be an issue, particularly when we first start to support someone. To manage this, we create a support team specifically for the person using a matching tool. The matching tool ensures there is compatibility between the Support Worker and supported person.

The supported person (or a representative) will be involved in the recruitment process and have the final say in who is employed.

The support team will be specifically for the person. A significant part of their role will be to build a trusting and meaningful relationship with the person they are supporting. By doing this, the supported person will start to feel much more secure and will be learning how to establish and maintain a relationship. They will also be developing emotions such as empathy (this is particularly useful when working with people who have limited empathy).

Once the person has developed these skills with the support team, the support team will support the person to meet other people and develop new (non-paid) relationships.

The barometer for success is for the person we support to have friends in his or her life.

Our Founders

Seco Support truly believes in supporting the life you choose to live.

Our Founders have a wealth of knowledge between them and continuously strive to do the best for the person being supported.

Simon Cook

I’ve worked in residential and supported living companies for 22 years. I started at the age of 16 years old as a Bank Support Worker and have worked my way up the ladder to Managing Director. I’m a qualified Learning Disabilities Nurse and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and hold many specialist risk management qualifications. 

I’m a huge advocate of relationship based models and have successfully moved people out of hospital and into their own homes in the community throughout the UK.

I am passionate about what I do and believe everyone should have services designed specifically to meet their needs. 

Marcel Seip

My route into the Supported Living sector is not your traditional one.  I was a professional footballer for 18 years, playing in the top divisions in my native Holland and Australia, as well as the Championship in the UK.

During the last few years of playing I thought carefully about life after football. Having already started a property company with Simon, specialising in bespoke homes for people with disabilities, I saw there was a desperate need for truly person centered support, and that’s when Seco was born.

Having worked in this sector for 10 years now I am truly in awe at the kindness and empathy of our team, and it’s been such a privilege to watch the people we support flourish and thrive.