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Promoting Independence: 4 Ways to Help Empower the People We Support

Supported living plays a crucial role in helping empower the people we support with disabilities to lead independent lives within the community. As a dedicated supported living provider, we at Seco Support recognize the significance of nurturing skills and confidence for independent living. In this blog post, we’re excited to share four effective ways to promote independence within the realm of supported living.

1. Encourage Choice and Control:

At the heart of fostering independence lies the empowerment of choice and control. We believe in actively involving the people we support in decision-making processes, encouraging them to express their opinions. By presenting options and granting the freedom to make choices, we enable the people we support to hone their decision-making skills – a pivotal aspect of independent living. To delve deeper into this aspect, check out our previous blog post on Achieving Independence through Skill Teaching.

2. Promote Essential Life Skills:

Another cornerstone in our approach to promoting independence is imparting essential life skills. From mastering culinary arts to maintaining a tidy living space and managing finances, we provide opportunities for skill development that foster self-sufficiency and confidence. These skills form the bedrock of an independent and empowered lifestyle.

3. Support Educational and Vocational Goals:

Championing personal aspirations is integral to our mission. We encourage the people we support to pursue education, employment, and personal hobbies that ignite their passion. Whether it’s finding a job, engaging in a hobby like dance or cooking, or pursuing further education, we stand beside the people we support on their journey toward achieving their goals.

4. Cultivate Community Engagement:

Social inclusion is key to breaking down the barriers to independent living. To address this, we focus on nurturing community engagement. By participating in local groups and getting out and about in the local community, the people we support can establish meaningful connections and support networks. For instance, we have a heartwarming story of one of the people we support who finds immense joy in the local bingo hall and community centre!

Promoting independence within the realm of supported living is pivotal in enhancing the quality of life for the people we support. By emphasizing choice and control, imparting life skills, supporting education and employment, and fostering community engagement, Seco Support is committed to helping the people we support achieve their aspirations and lead lives full of independence and fulfilment.

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