Seco Support launches Employee Assistance Programme

Seco Support are thrilled to announce the launch of our first Employee Assistance Programme through our partners at Health Assured.

Health Assured is the UK’s largest award-winning Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

What is an EAP?

An EAP is an employee benefit programme designed to help employees deal with personal problems that may affect their health, wellbeing and work performance. 

Why Health Assured?

Health Assured’s approach has revolutionised the EAP market, with emphasis on a clinical based, proactive and interventional support. They have won the Best Workplace Wellbeing Provider for the last 4 years and provide specialist support to over 15 million people. 

What do Health Assured offer?

Counselling – Health Assured provide a Critical Incident Management service for specialist group counselling debriefing, as well as an employee counselling service, with 24hour telephone support available. There are a range of flexible options with structured telephone sessions or secure chat and email for those who prefer to write. 

Wellbeing Support – Health Assured is a complete resource, accessible worldwide 24/7, with access to compassionate support over the phone, in person and online. 

Healthy Advantage App – a smartphone app which offers online personalised wellbeing content, videos, webinars and mini health checks along with health coaching. 

Is Health Assured just for me?

We recognize that employees may sometimes be affected by family and difficulties in relationships therefore some services can be provided to an employee’s dependents.

How do I contact them?

All employees have access to the 24/7 helpline as well as the app and online portal. Check your emails for more information!